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de Le Cuona is the purveyor of unique interior fabrics and accessories, loved for its washed linen, fine cashmere and signature wool paisley.

The company was founded in 1992 by South African born Bernie de Le Cuona. The collections are inspired by her culture and travels. Whether it is the rugged accents of the African bush, an artist’s canvas in Los Angeles, or an antique shawl uncovered in Kashmir, she is an expert at interpreting these ‘moments’ into superior fabrics that adorn both classic and contemporary interiors.


The design cognoscenti relish the raw sophistication of the de Le Cuona fabric, which pushes the boundaries of design, exploring how linen, wool, velvet and cashmere can combine to create contrasting layers of texture for global tastes.

Bernie is celebrated for seeking the most skilled craftsmen. Working with the finest artisans and mills, de Le Cuona explores old and new finishing techniques that bring the designs to life – whether that be stonewashing, embossing linen with antique rollers or weaving paisley on original looms. It is the iconic ‘weight’, ‘handle’ and ‘fall’ of the fabric that truly set de Le Cuona apart.



With the same dedication to high quality and innovation, de Le Cuona’s range of accessories includes cushions, throws and occasional furniture as well as offering a bespoke design and make up service. ‘Crocodile & Cashmere’ was the first luxury
travel collection handcrafted in the softest crocodile skin and English cashmere.


Now with a major fabric and accessory collection launched each year, the company has thriving showrooms in London, New York and a network of elite distributors and
agents worldwide. The business is still a family enterprise with headquarters in Royal Windsor and a loyal team of experienced fabric and interior professionals.
Collections and techniques continue to explore new frontiers and offer clients the opportunity to create glamorous spaces with the finest cloths.


Demure Drama is de Le Cuona’s first dedicated paisley collection.
Discover the most intricate, softly tactile paisleys ever woven in a kaleidoscope of beautiful colours ranging from quiet to vivid shades. Dragonfly, Meadow and Serenity each capture the modern spirit of this design classic.

Bernie de Le Cuona’s prowess at creating some of the world’s most precious paisleys involves a long and rigorous creative process. Some take up to three years in development. It is this pursuit of excellence that gives each design a sense of integrity and exclusivity.

Dragonfly is a magnificent floral paisley that is wild with drama and alive with vibrant colour. Traditional paisleys run in linear patterns but this bohemian interpretation has free-flowing swirls in rich shades.
Serenity takes the exotic swirling arabesque design of Dragonfly but soothes it with luxurious natural soft-washed shades of Snow, Twilight, Frost, Dawn, Dusk and Mist.
Meadow is a small-scale paisley full of tiny flowers with a hint of French-style. Inspired by an antique piece of paisley it is coloured in soft poetic naturals flecked with soft shades.
Demure Drama recreates the past with an unconventional eye injecting paisley with colour and verve. The contrasting palette and scale makes this new collection combine beautifully with de Le Cuona’s stable of luxurious linen, velvet and cashmere to create unique schemes for interiors worldwide.

London Design Week, 2016. The American Interior Design Community "The Editor at Large" interviews Bernie de Le Cuona, Rita Konig, Hatta Byng (Editor of House & Garden), Natalia Miyar, Dani Neville, Jette Anderson and Maurizio Pellizzoni about the new Paisley Fabric collection Demure Drama in de Le Cuona London showroom.


Savage Couture is a daring new luxury fabric collection 2016 by Bernie de Le Cuona.
Savage raw linen and couture artisan fabric create new interior territory. This is a look of adventurous glamour with innovative designs imbued with sensory textures in
colours with verve. Explore the beauty of understated linen in all its refined and rugged guises. This classic cloth combines with silk, wool, parchment and metallic to create layers of luxurious textiles distinguished by their unique feel and iconic weight.
Artisan techniques and handcrafted detail underpin each fabric. In the hands of Bernie de Le Cuona these traditional ways create new effects. Cleopatra, a delicious silk
linen falls like a floor-sweeping gown, Persia a tweed crosses a tapestry and Chanel jacket woven in ribbons and tapes, metallic threads loose their heaviness in Treasure a sublime mesh-style linen with a hint of beaten silver, Vintage linen is painted like canvas or beaten-up with a Flint stone flecked finish.
Style is about surprise and travel is the bedrock of originality. Savage Couture marries both forces in a richly evocative collection designed for a worldwide stage.
France, Paris Déco Off, January 2016. The American Interior Design Community "The Editor at Large" interviews Bernie de Le Cuona  and guests about her new luxury fabric collection Savage Couture. The video also includes interviews with Malcolm James Kutner (Principal, Malcolm James Kutner, Inc.), Thomas Lavin (Principal, Thomas Lavin Showroom), Dan Cahoon (President, Jerry Pair & Associates), Joelle Sultan Marouani (Architecte d`Interieur), Richard Wilkinson (Showroom Manager, Town Studio). blue linen


It was a love of linen and an attention to detail that first fired Bernie de Le Cuona’s desire to create beautiful fabrics.

She crafted her very first design into a cushion which buyers ordered immediately. Now after some twenty years in the business Bernie has a reputation that is second to none for developing exquisite fabric collections harnessing the colour and beauty produced by the best International master weavers. Her immense skill and natural flair for fabrics also demands a refined finish, look and drape which make them truly unique.

Artisan techniques underpin each new fabric introduced into the collection – Bernie has led the way with stone-washed linens, embossed linens and the use of tonal wool yarns to add a special dimension to unique embroideries on superb quality linen base cloths and, of course, her signature wool and cotton paisleys which are recognised worldwide. Her cushion collection enjoys the same reputation.

The company’s growth has moved the hub of the business from an understated carriage house to Mistress Page’s House in Windsor.

The Mistress Page’s House has been a listed building since 1975 to retain its English heritage and character. Located right in the centre of Windsor and opposite the three towers of Windsor Castle, the modern warehousing carrying the complete collection of fabrics and accessories is just a stone’s throw away.

The Design Centre Chelsea Harbour showroom and 24 Pimlico showroom in London draws many International clients to the collection. While flagship showrooms in Moscow and the D&D Building in New York demonstrate the de Le Cuona look to a wider audience. There are now ten third party showrooms across the USA and Canada.

To service the ever growing demand for ’de Le Cuona style’ Bernie has added an eclectic mix of rich textured materials that accomplish a look of soft glamour and understated elegance; these are known as the ‘Eclectic Collection’. When schemed with the subtly textured simplicity of the linens or the grandeur of the paisleys, the Eclectics round-off the collection which offers discerning customers all the elements for a beautiful and comfortable home.

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