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de Le Cuona in DIMOREGALLERY 2018
16 - 22nd of April

We are delighted to share the images of de Le Cuona travel-inspired fabrics that were part of of the DIMOREGALLERY installation by DIMORESTUDIO for Salone del Mobile 2018. "Transfer" was based on the idea of a journey across distinct cultural ambiences and unusual aesthetic settings.

For Bernie de Le Cuona travel is the bedrock of originality and gives her designs a rich evocative identity with names often embedded in the names of her fabrics.


Antique Paisley - Brick


Buffalo - Rage


Grand Safari - Delta


Prince of Wales - Tan





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This week, designers, architects, makers, editors, and enthusiasts alike descend upon Milan for the city's Design Week, where they'll survey the latest in furniture, lighting, decor, and more.






The new collection called Rare Alchemy explores the raw beauty of natural materials with an Alchemist’s eye. Textiles are imbued with contrasting textures and tones that reflect both the elements and the hand making. Origami linen is papery dry while Artist’s Canvas is softly fluid. Naturally Organic falls luxuriously and Pencil Sketch tracings of pattern. Colours take a cue from nature with accents of red earth, veld green and lake blue.


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de Le Cuona celebrates art, interiors and sustainability with Artists' Retreat Installation

Paris: 18 - 22 January 2018
London: 25 - 1 February 2018

The Artists’ Retreat installation was a great success at Paris Deco Off, with generous support from all our visitors. Thank you to everyone who purchased a painting, cushion and linen bag as 100% of the proceeds will go to the Marine Conservation Society. This installation now moves to London with a final opportunity to view and purchase pieces at our Chelsea Harbour showroom where the Artists’ Retreat installation is on display from the 25th January - 1st of February.

Share your experience with the world:  #DELECUONA   #ARTISTSRETREAT



de Le Cuona has made linen tote bags from offcuts to support the idea of Zero Waste, which further supports sustainability by protecting the environment.

The artwork, accessories and bags created for the installation will be available to purchase.

All proceeds will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society







As they break from the big blue 

Rebecca Harper lives and works in London. Her work is in private and public Collections internationally, including the Ruth Borchard Collection, The Ullens Collection, The Royal Collections, Windsor Castle and The Moritz Hyman Collection and Dumfries House.                          







Plastic Soup

Kid Crayon is an Urban contemporary painter based in Bristol. His work is a combination of energetic splats and drips married with richly detailed illustrations.The artwork he produces acts as a commentary on contemporary society, pointing the finger at immoral corporations and confronting issues like alcoholism, over-dependence on technology and now ocean conservation.

The qualities of the dark navy linen provided an ideal ground for a night scene; Depicted is the Turtle conservation work that goes on in Trinidad's coastlines. The leatherback turtles were near to extinction but one man persuaded his community to help safeguard the lives of thousands of turtles.  





When you read that we are contaminating our oceans with 10 million metric tons of plastic, annually, equating to 700 billion plastic bottles a year, it's hard to avoid painting an ocean scene that doesn't include plastic elements. The complex eco-system in the ocean in being greatly affected by human interference through plastic waste, pollution and over fishing. This is not only a threat to marine life, but also our own health. The recent release of Blue Planet II on television has thrust ocean conservation into the conversation. I wanted to create a painting that showed my solidarity with Blue Planet’s ethos, as well as shedding more light on this global issue.




The Fabric of the Universe

Chris’s work is an exploration of the expressive movements of nature. “With every piece, I wish to allow the viewers eyes and mind to dance across the canvas and find their spiritual connection.”




Reflecting: Lost Landscapes

Claire lives and works in London.
Her professional work in both an
architectural and interior practice, has taught her to consider context,
balance, scale, aesthetics and
composition. When combined and applied, these elements can fabricate a piece of art that is rich, organic and can engender a sense of wonder.

Forests make life possible yet nearly half of the world’s forests have been destroyed by man. We have become disconnected with nature and increasingly connected with technology. Our relationship with all living things can be rekindled by understanding that we are part of nature.



A compressed winter is depicted, and the palette of a lost autumn emerges against elongated and foggy reflections of verdure below. The fog interweaves mountains, forests and fauna evoking wilder, more extreme weather conditions creating space to consider the fragmented seasonal transitions we experience.







Faces of Air

Phoebe is a young artist living
and working in London where she is currently studying portraiture at Heatherley’s School of Fine Art and is a creative director in a small business.





Multifarious Tendrils

Amelia is a current MA Fine Art student from Birmingham City University. Compelled by capturing biodiversity and layers of life, creating worlds of imaginary creatures.

We need to consider the beauty of air which needs to be conserved from
pollution and particulates!





The inner life of a rock/tidal pool is compelling. I have explored what may be living below the surface of the water, and have used the wonderful deep colour of the canvas to show a diverse range of organisms. The mimic octopus is renowned for blending in with its surroundings; I wanted to capture a creature that was slowly sinking into the fabric world, the gold glistening as it departed.







Ellen is a London based painter and textile designer. In her work she translates the elegance of traditional decorative design in a new way for a modern audience. Her botanical compositions are playful and injected with life through her love of vivid colour.




Rainforest of the Ocean

Joy Hindmoor is an artist who is fascinated by the creation of patterns through shape and formation. She is currently studying BA (Hons) Fine Art at Leeds Arts University.

Ellen draws from eclectic influences which often include folklore and poetry, nature and heritage. In her piece for de Le Cuona, Ellen has painted free-hand on a drape. Her design was inspired by a piece of 17th Century Oriental embroidery.




Taking inspiration from the natural world, Joy focuses mainly on natural patterning within plants, shells, bacterial patterning etc. For this particular piece, she focused on coral reefs. Not only do coral reefs contain the most diverse ecosystems on the planet but they also protect coastlines from the damaging effects of wave action and tropical storms; providing habitats and shelter for many marine organisms.






Outside Interior

I am a Fine Artist and Interior Designer based in the North West. My artistic practice values nature and devotes its meaning to protecting it.





Winter Fable

Nedret was born in Bulgaria, and studied at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul where she received a BFA degree in painting.
She moved to Spain to study at the Universidad de Castilla La Mancha-Belles Artes and currently lives and works between London and Istanbul. She uses contradiction between realism and abstraction. Specifically inspired by notion of time, colour and portraits.

Using natural data which is recorded in the landscape, this data takes the form of lines, which establishes the organic forms that exist within the work.



These pieces refer to nature and forest animals. It portrays the transition in seasons. Winter fades in, between the colours. A misty atmosphere, watching the changing nature from cold, to warm colours. These all create a smooth harmony on compositions.





Bernie de Le Cuona creates quiet but luxurious products using the best fibres and working with the finest mills worldwide. Here she discusses the evolving luxury marketplace with Lucia van der Post and Helen Brocklebank at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour showroom.

As founding editor of FT How to Spend It and Luxury columnist and editor of Country &Town House’s Great British Brands, Lucia is one of the UK’s foremost writers on luxury, travel, interiors and fashion. Helen is Walpole’s CEO, promoting the British Luxury sector at home and worldwide.

In Britain 50% of British luxury brands launched in last 30 years. For Bernie and her guests, luxury is one of the key words of our time, but one of the most elusive to define. The conversation explores what the word means today, the relationship of luxury and craft, luxury in a digital age, asks if bespoke is the new luxury and more. The discussion concludes with a trinity of words that sum up luxury, all agreeing on unique, the particular and being deeply connected to the individual.

To Bernie, the true definition of luxury is how it makes you feel both as a product and an experience.

To Lucia, luxury is charm, sophistication and great quality. A luxurious interior is deeply connected for whom it is done –that particularity and attention to detail marks out true luxury.

To Helen, luxury is enchantment, emotion and creativity. Idiosyncrasy, eccentricity and quirkiness is really pertinent to what British luxury means. This expert panel discussion is part of series of Bernie de Le Cuona in conversation events held with leading creative women – from CEOs to editors, in the world of interior design and luxury industry.




Bernie de Le Cuona's Live Interiors Scheming

Tuesday 19 September, 10.30am - 11.30am

de Le Cuona Showroom, Design Centre


Be captivated by three unique atmospheres created by Bernie de Le Cuona. Experience live interior scheming and discover the exhilarating textures of the new de Le Cuona collection.


de Le Cuona Showroom: Second Floor, North Dome, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, SW10 0XE



Creating The Design Vision hosted by Livingetc

Thursday 21 September, 3pm - 4pm.

TALK, Third Floor, Design Centre East.



Whether it is starting with the shell of a home, a natural raw material or a challenging space, what are the creative mechanisms and processes that designers go through to envisage the potential, mastermind a design triumph and deliver the dream? Livingetc associate editor Sarah Spiteri is joined by three leading experts – acclaimed architect Sally Mackereth of Studio Mackereth, award-winning fabric designer Bernie de Le Cuona, founder of de Le Cuona and interior designer Tiffany Duggan, founder of Studio Duggan – as they share invaluable insights and varied experiences into creating and conveying a design vision that meets their own exacting standards.

Tickets Available Here



Bernie de Le Cuona chairs an inspiring panel of guests at the launch of her new accessories collection held at the de Le Cuona showroom in the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. Here, she is in conversation with leading, successful businesswomen in the world of interiors and fashion.
Rita Konig, an interior designer and columnist for House & Garden Rita decorates houses both in London and The States and started her writing career with her column ‘Rita Says’ on British Vogue.
Katharine Pooley is an award-winning luxury interior design, architectural design, property development, home accessories and bespoke furniture designer Her refined yet eclectic aesthetic has earned her a position as one of the most sought-after interior designers in London and commissions for landmark commercial and residential projects around the world.
Emma Willis, trained at Slade School of Art before starting her business designing and making men’s luxury shirts. She adheres to traditional English shirt making techniques using the finest materials sourced from Italy, Switzerland and Ireland. Clients include Royalty and tastemakers such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Craig.

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