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18 - 22 January 2018



de Le Cuona is the purveyor of interior fabrics and accessories, loved for its for stone-washed linen, fine cashmere and wool paisley. The new collection called Rare Alchemy explores the raw beauty of natural materials with an Alchemist’s eye. Textiles are imbued with contrasting textures and tones that reflect both the elements and the hand making. Origami linen is papery dry while Artist’s Canvas is softly fluid. Naturally Organic falls luxuriously, Wild Wool has a boucle warmth and Pencil Sketch tracings of pattern. Colours take a cue from nature with accents of red earth, veld green and lake blue.


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Location and date: Windsor, Mid November 2017 (Day TBC)


de Le Cuona is offering a great opportunity for art students to showcase their work in a gallery in Paris!

Take part in an exciting installation project "Artist Retreat for Paris Deco Off 2018". Paris Deco Off runs from 19-23 January and is the "rendez-vous" of international interior designers and decoration editors.

The artists will be given a theme and asked to capture this in paint on the new canvas-style linen fabric. These pieces will be used for the installation in the Nicholas Deman Gallery in Paris during the launch of the new de Le Cuona collection in January 2018!

As a special bonus, Bernie de Le Cuona will choose her favourite piece and award the winner with two tickets to Paris to view the installation!

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Bernie de Le Cuona creates quiet but luxurious products using the best fibres and working with the finest mills worldwide. Here she discusses the evolving luxury marketplace with Lucia van der Post and Helen Brocklebank at the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour showroom.

As founding editor of FT How to Spend It and Luxury columnist and editor of Country &Town House’s Great British Brands, Lucia is one of the UK’s foremost writers on luxury, travel, interiors and fashion. Helen is Walpole’s CEO, promoting the British Luxury sector at home and worldwide.

In Britain 50% of British luxury brands launched in last 30 years. For Bernie and her guests, luxury is one of the key words of our time, but one of the most elusive to define. The conversation explores what the word means today, the relationship of luxury and craft, luxury in a digital age, asks if bespoke is the new luxury and more. The discussion concludes with a trinity of words that sum up luxury, all agreeing on unique, the particular and being deeply connected to the individual.

To Bernie, the true definition of luxury is how it makes you feel both as a product and an experience.

To Lucia, luxury is charm, sophistication and great quality. A luxurious interior is deeply connected for whom it is done –that particularity and attention to detail marks out true luxury.

To Helen, luxury is enchantment, emotion and creativity. Idiosyncrasy, eccentricity and quirkiness is really pertinent to what British luxury means. This expert panel discussion is part of series of Bernie de Le Cuona in conversation events held with leading creative women – from CEOs to editors, in the world of interior design and luxury industry.




Bernie de Le Cuona's Live Interiors Scheming

Tuesday 19 September, 10.30am - 11.30am

de Le Cuona Showroom, Design Centre


Be captivated by three unique atmospheres created by Bernie de Le Cuona. Experience live interior scheming and discover the exhilarating textures of the new de Le Cuona collection.


de Le Cuona Showroom: Second Floor, North Dome, Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, SW10 0XE



Creating The Design Vision hosted by Livingetc

Thursday 21 September, 3pm - 4pm.

TALK, Third Floor, Design Centre East.



Whether it is starting with the shell of a home, a natural raw material or a challenging space, what are the creative mechanisms and processes that designers go through to envisage the potential, mastermind a design triumph and deliver the dream? Livingetc associate editor Sarah Spiteri is joined by three leading experts – acclaimed architect Sally Mackereth of Studio Mackereth, award-winning fabric designer Bernie de Le Cuona, founder of de Le Cuona and interior designer Tiffany Duggan, founder of Studio Duggan – as they share invaluable insights and varied experiences into creating and conveying a design vision that meets their own exacting standards.

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Bernie de Le Cuona chairs an inspiring panel of guests at the launch of her new accessories collection held at the de Le Cuona showroom in the Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour. Here, she is in conversation with leading, successful businesswomen in the world of interiors and fashion.
Rita Konig, an interior designer and columnist for House & Garden Rita decorates houses both in London and The States and started her writing career with her column ‘Rita Says’ on British Vogue.
Katharine Pooley is an award-winning luxury interior design, architectural design, property development, home accessories and bespoke furniture designer Her refined yet eclectic aesthetic has earned her a position as one of the most sought-after interior designers in London and commissions for landmark commercial and residential projects around the world.
Emma Willis, trained at Slade School of Art before starting her business designing and making men’s luxury shirts. She adheres to traditional English shirt making techniques using the finest materials sourced from Italy, Switzerland and Ireland. Clients include Royalty and tastemakers such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Craig.

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