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Maverick shows how we do colour. The beauty of an intense colour placed with naturals. Watching the relationships form between contrasting shades and textures. An eccentric spirit lies behind the palette, but the colourways are designed to work with our stable of classics.’
Bernie de Le Cuona

Maverick II sees colour stories inspired by the earthy and extraordinary beauty of nature with fabrics in surprising textures. It is the embodiment of pure elegance with a twist.








IMAGE 1 (above). Barcelona Day Bed in Victoria Ruby. Cushions by fireplace in Bracken Clay, Fox Moss and Rugby Teal.

Cushions on the daybed in Victoria Ruby and
Fox Den.



IMAGE 2 (above). Fabrics in Bracken Clay and
Bracken Fern. Chair in Bracken Fern.


 IMAGE 3 (above). Fabrics in Bracken Seed and
Bracken Gravel. Cushions in Spitfire Desert, Cape Cushion with leather detail Frost and  Shore Cushion with Fringe Detail Sand.






 IMAGE 4 (above).  Fabric in Stardust Stripes. Cushion and Chair in Fox Moss.



IMAGE 5 (above). Cushion and Chair in Fox Moss.



IMAGE 6 (above). Cushion in Hoxton Rye and Throw in Fox Ash.





 de Le Cuona Ruby Cushions

IMAGE 7 (above). Cushions in Hoxton Rye, Hoxton Flax and Hoxton Oat.


 IMAGE 8 (above). Cushions in Victoria Antique Gold and Cavalier Ale.



IMAGE 9 (above). Barcelona bed in Victoria - Ruby. Cushion on the left in Fox - Moss, three cushions on the right Victoria - Ruby.





 de Le Cuona Ruby Cushions


IMAGE 10 (above). Curtain in Victoria Antique Gold. Fabric on the bed in Victoria Antique Gold and Verona Opal. Cushions on bed in Cavalier Ale, Victoria Antique Gold and Bracken Gravel.


 IMAGE 11 (above). Victoria RubyBracken Clay, Artist Canvas Terracotta and Fox Den.


IMAGE 12 (above). Throw in Fox Reed. The chair is the Slip Chair Granite.







IMAGE 13 (above). Fabrics in Bracken Clay and
Bracken Fern. Chair in Bracken Fern.



IMAGE 14 (above). Fabric in Fox Reed



IMAGE 15 (above). Shore Cushion with Fringe Detail Spray, Shepherd's cloth panelled cushion Peat,  Rogue Cushion with Fringe Detail Frontier , Cape Cushion with Leather Detail Frost, Shore Cushion with Fringe Detail Sand, Hoxton Rye, Hoxton Flax, Hoxton Oat  and Spitfire Desert


Maverick is a collection of colour. Shades dip into fashion and delve into the African landscape. The new fabrics include a sharp yellow, deep plum, smart navy, and the hilghlight is green in both classic forest and contemporary neon.Maverick takes de Le Cuona in unexpected colour directions appealing to a more modern lifstyle. It shows how we do colour. The beauty of an intense colour placed with naturals. Watching the relationships from between contrasting shades.







IMAGE 1 (above). Bernie on the sofa with our Bulldog Fabric sofa.




IMAGE 2 (above). Cushions: Rogue cushion with Fringe Detail - Frontier. Sofa with our Bulldog Fabric. Background is Rugby - Ivory.




IMAGE 3 (above). The main fabric in this picture is Cricket - Cork. Over the table you can see the Linen Boucle Throw with Trim - Rust. Home accesories from the left: Bronze Bowl by Charles Haupt in Medium and small size.






 IMAGE 4 (above). Cavalier - Victory is the fabric you can see over the sofa and the background. Bespoke cushions made using Cavalier. 



IMAGE 5 (above). Sofa with Bulldog Fabric.  Rogue Cushion with Fringe Detail - Frontier and Cape Cushion with Leather Detail - Frost.



IMAGE 6 (above). Sofa with Bulldog Fabric. Artist Canvas - Veldt over the table. Cricket - Ash on thebackground.







IMAGE 7 (above). Chair with Spitfire - Island. Fabrics from the top: Spitfire - Amazon, Spitfire - Storm and Spitfire - Canyon






             View de Le Cuona's new range of home accesories, from vibrant paisely cushions to beautiful textured ceramic vases








IMAGE 1 (above). Linen Panelled Cushion with Top Stitch - white and blue, Monet embroidered Cushion - Morning snow, Linen Cushion with Zip detail - Blue and Slip Chair - Canvas.




IMAGE 2 (above). Silk Velvet and Linen Cushion, Navy and Monet Cushion.


IMAGE 3 (above). Shepherd's Cloth Cushion, Tarn and Dragonfly Paisley Cushion, Malachite







IMAGE 4 (above). Linen Zipper Cushion, Green and Dragonfly Paisley Cushion with Fringe, Sapphire



 IMAGE 5 (Above). White ceramic vases




IMAGE 6 (above). White Buhera Basket (Medium), Slip Chair, Canvas and Monet Embroidered Cushion with Self Flange, White







IMAGE 7 (above). Tropism Mensa Table, Monet Throw wih Fringe, White, Cavalier Velvet Cushion, Ale and Monet Cushion with Self-Flange, White


IMAGE 8 (above). White ceramic Vase, Malmo Cushion with Suede Corners and Dusk and Linen Boucle Throw with Trim.



IMAGE 9 (above). Nguni Dining chair, Black and Canvas, Titania Velvet Cushion, Dawn, Stardust Fabric Drop, Malmo Cushion with Suede Corners, Dusk, Shepherd's cloth Panelled Cushion, Peat and Maroc Cushion, Ash.


Rich shades are inspired by visits to the romantic city of Verona and a cooler, pared-down palette by the purity of Scandinavian interiors.








IMAGE 1 (above). Curtain: Verona - Summer Sun




IMAGE 2 (above). Fabric: Verona - Summer Sun

  IMAGE 3 (above). Fabric from the top: Chukka - Tusk, Buffalo - Dust, Botanic Gardens - Cashew.





IMAGE 4 (above). Cushion: Russian Winter - Hare. Fabric from the top: Cloud Forest - Valley, Verona - Opal, Russian Winter - Hare



IMAGE 5 (above). Fabric: Russian Winter - Hare




IMAGE 6 (above). Fabric from the top: Hermitage - Rose Marble, Cleopatra - Empress, Hermitage - Moonstone, Cleopatra - Passion







IMAGE 7 (above). Fabric from the top: Malmo - Dusk, Malmo - Mist, Malmo - Lake, Malmo - Dusk, Russian Winter - Hare



IMAGE 8 (above). Fabric: Black Mountain



IMAGE 9 (above). Cushion: Black Mountain. Fabric: Cascade - Mist


This series of fabrics explores the raw beauty of natural materials with an Alchemist's eye by Bernie de Le Cuona




IMAGE 1 (above). Headboard: Naturally Organic - Almond with fringing. Cushions from the left: Cleopatra -Empress, Naturally Organic - Walnut, Contessa Paisley - Snow.



IMAGE 2 (above). Top left Dish: Shore - Pebble. Top right Dish: Shore - Cave, Shore - Spray. Centre small Dish: Shore - Sand.



IMAGE 3 (above).  Curtain Seashore - Tide




IMAGE 4 (above). Fabric from the top: Seahorse - Ripple, Seahorse - Tide, Seahorse - Foam. Seahorse - Splash.



IMAGE 5 (above). Fabric on the floor: Seahorse - Splash. Fabric canvas from the left: Seahorse - Foam. Seahorse - Tide.




IMAGE 6 (above). Wall Panels: Cosmos - Meteor. Lampshade: Vienna - Charleston.




IMAGE 7 (above). Cushions from the top: Cosmos - Moon, Cosmos - Mards, Cosmos - Meteor, Cosmos - Comet.



IMAGE 8 (above). Rolls of fabric on the wall: ARtist Canvas - Swamp, Artist Canvas - Tawny. Fabrics on the top pf the left pill stool: Artist Canvas - Veld, Artist Canvas - Baobab.



IMAGE 9 (above). Pieces of fabric fabric from the top: Artist Canvas - Sunset, Artist Canvas - Terracotta. Top left brush: Artist Canvas - Bloom
Bottom left brush: Artist Canvas - Red Earth
Bottom centre brush: Artist Canvas - Sunset




IMAGE 10 (above). Cover: Artist Canvas - Terracotta. Canvas: Artist Canvas - Bloom.



IMAGE 11 (above). From the top right to the bottom left: Artist Canvas - Sky, Artist Canvas - Night, Artist Canvas - Veld, Artist Canvas - Lake, Artist Canvas - Tawny, Artist Canvas - Baobab, Artist Canvas - Swamp, Artist Canvas - Thorn



IMAGE 12 (above). Canvases on the left: Artist Canvas - Night. Sofa loose cover: Artist Canvas - Swamp. Curtains: Pencil Sketch - Sand. Second curtain layer on the left: Shore - Spray. Cushions from the left: Cavalier - Ale, Warrior Cloth - River, Artist Canvas - Swamp and Origami - Bee




IMAGE 13 (above). Fabric from the left: Origami - Petal, Origami - Bee. Bench Seats: Cobbles - Magma. Cushions from the top: Origami - Bee with fringe trim in Naturally Organic - Cashew, Shore - Dune with self flange



IMAGE 14 (above). Fabrics from the top: Turtle Island - Escape, Turtle Island - Mystery, Turtle Island - Odyssey



IMAGE 15 (above). Curtain: Pencil Sketch - Sand. Drape around the beam: Pencil Sketch - Sky




IMAGE 16 (above). Drapes from the left: Pencil Sketch - Sand, Pencil Sketch - Cloud, Pencil Sketch - Pebble, Pencil Sketch - Sky



IMAGE 17 (above). Fabric from the left: Pencil Sketch - Pebble, Pencil Sketch - Sand, Pencil Sketch - Cloud.



IMAGE 18 (above). Background curtain: Seahorse - Tide. Cushions from the top: Naturally Organic - Almond, Naturally Organic - Cashew, Naturally Organic - Walnut




IMAGE 19 (above). From the top: Linen Shade - Cream, Linen Shade - Ivory, Linen Shade - Stone, Linen Shade - Cloud



IMAGE 20 (above). Background Fabric: Origami





                                                                            REFINED ROGUE FABRIC COLLECTION 2017

                                  Refined Rogue is a unique combination of balance and beauty created by Bernie de Le Cuona.

                                                                        Click here to see the Refined Rogue Fabric catalogue


de_Le_Cuona-Refined_Rogue-yarns.jpg   de_Le_Cuona-Refined_Rogue-lifestyle-bespoke-drape-upholstery-linen-white.png   de_Le_Cuona-Refined_Rogue-lifestyle-bespoke-linen1.png


IMAGE 1 (above). From the Top: Rogue - Creek,
Rogue - Frontier, Rogue - Rattlesnake


IMAGE 2 (above). Sheer in Raffles - Ash



IMAGE 3 (above).  Upholstered sofa in Rogue - Boulder, Cushion on sofa is in Vienna - Cha Cha, Upholstered chair in Kasbah - Dates, Cushion on chair is in Rogue - Rattlesnake with Kasbah - Saffron piping



  de_Le_Cuona-Refined_Rogue-fabric_combination_red_paisley_-_linen.jpg   de_Le_Cuona_-_Vienna-Velvet-drape-flamenco-red.png


IMAGE 4 (above). Upholstered chair in Cobbles - Lava



IMAGE 5 (above). From the Top: Dragonfly Paisley - Sapphire, Rogue - Rattlesnake, Vienna - Flamenco, Rogue - Burnt Rock




IMAGE 6 (above). Curtain in Vienna - Flamenco





IMAGE 7 (above). Upholstered sofa in Rogue - Boulder, Karoo Buckled Cushion in Stone, Cushion with blanket stitch in Warrior Cloth - Thunder, Cushion with cross stitch detail in Cobbles - Cinder



IMAGE 8 (above). Upholstered ottoman in Berlin - Granite, Cushion with selvedge in Berlin - Mortar, Cushion in Vienna - Charleston, Cushion in Dragonfly - Fire, Drape on the back wall is Kasbah - Saffron, Drape on the ottoman is Cobbles - Mineral







Demure Drama is Bernie de Le Cuona’s first dedicated paisley collection







IMAGE 1 (above). Dragonfly - Fire, Sapphire, Malachite




IMAGE 2 (above). Serenity - Twilight


 IMAGE 3 (above). Meadow - Twig






 IMAGE 4 (above). Dragonfly - Malachite



IMAGE 5 (above). Dragonfly - Sapphire



IMAGE 6 (above). Serenity - Dusk, Snow, Twilight







IMAGE 7 (above). Meadow - Blossom








                                                Savage Couture is a daring new luxury fabric collection 2016 by Bernie de Le Cuona.





IMAGE 1 (above). From the Top: Weathered Web - Camel, Persia - Pomegranate, Barbarian - Flax, Buffalo - Mud, Opera - Topaz



IMAGE 2 (above). Sheer- Weathered web Linen in Camel, Curtain - Cleopatra Silk in Gold



IMAGE 3 (above).  Sheers - Echo in Mist and Weathered web in Camel, Treasure cushion in Antique Silver, Opera cushion (with buttons) in Topaz, Cavalier cushion in Ale, Sofa – Barbarian in Flax




IMAGE 4 (above). Cushion: Persia -  Pomegranate, Curtain: Cleopatra - Gold, Sheer: Weathered Web - Camel, Sofa upholstered in Barbarian - Flax, Opera pieces in Topaz draped on the sofa



IMAGE 5 (above). Sheer - Echo in Mist, Sofa upholstered in Barbarian - Flax, Treasure cushion in Antique Silver, Opera Quilted Cushion in Agate, Persia Cushion in Pomegranat




IMAGE 6 (above). Sheer - Echo Mist




IMAGE 7 (above). Siam - Opal, Warrior Cloth - Desert



IMAGE 8 (above). Siam - Opal



IMAGE 9 (above). From the Top: Treasure - Antique Silver, Flint - Thunder, Liquid Velvet – Teal, Mistral – Sea, Warrior Cloth – River




IMAGE 10 (above). Ottoman in Liquid Velvet - Teal colour, Curtains in Treasure - Antique Silver, Flint - Thunder, Cushions in Warrior Cloth - River and Shepherds Cloth - Midnight



IMAGE 11 (above). Curtains in Treasure - Antique Silver, Flint - Thunder



IMAGE 12 (above). Treasure cushion in Antique Gold backed with Primitive Linen - Cumin, Warrior Cloth Cushion in River, Shepherds Cloth Cushion in Midnight, Flint cushion in Thunder backed with Shepherds Cloth - Wheat, Ottoman in Liquid Velvet - Teal 




IMAGE 13 (above). Persia – Topaz, Treasure – Antique Gold



IMAGE 14 (above). Sheer: Weathered Web - Cave, Curtain: Persia - Sapphire



IMAGE 15 (above). Headboard: Flint - Fog, Cleopatra Cushion with buttons in Passion, Olive Suede Cushion (bespoke), Samurai Cushion in Flint, Buffalo Cushion in Swamp




IMAGE 16 (above). Stardust - Stripes



IMAGE 17 (above). Primitive Linen - Cumin, Mistral - Shell, Warrior - Desert, Eskimo Velvet - Cub



IMAGE 18 (above). Mistrall - Shell, Cleopatra - Passion





IMAGE 19 (above). Vintage Canvas (reversible)



IMAGE 20 (above). Primitive - Fennel, Primitive - Cumin, Primitive - Juniper, Primitive - Tarragon, Primitive - Garlic













IMAGE 1 (above). Setting the scene: (left to right) The Buffalo Sofa Cushion Dust, linen; The Buffalo Floor Cushion Wild, linen, The Buffalo Floor Cushion Dust, linen; The Buffalo SOfa Cushion, Wild, linen; The Buffalo Floor Cushion Mud, linen.




IMAGE 2 (above). Setting the scene: Travel Bag The Wanderer Backpack, Stonewashed Crocodrile; Blankets The Traveller Blanket Brown, Wineberry and Grey cashmere with glove leather detail




IMAGE 3 (above). Setting the scene: Table Cloth Anastasia Jade, woven paisley; Napkins Opera Amethyst linen; Cushion Eskimo Walrus and Eskimo Cub, velvet; Door Panels Isabella Amethyst, woven paisley; Shawl Illusion Breeze, cashmere; Travel Bag The Wanderer Backpack, Stonewashed Crocodrile. Chairs by Cassina.







IMAGE 4 (above). Setting the scene: Sofa sack Cloth Liquorice, linen: Cushions (left to right) Antoinette Dusk, velvet; Liquid Teal, velvet; Apache Grey, linen with black glove leather detail. The Classic Cashmere Cushion Grey; Bespoke Throw Anastasia Quartz, woven paisley; Travel Bag The Wanderer Backpack, Stonewashed Crocodrile.


IMAGE 5 (above). Setting the scene: Curtains Expedition Everest, linen and wool; Bespoke Pill Stools Sebastian Arabica, linen (left); Casablanca Midnight, embossed linen with leather seat (right); Bespoke Bath Robe Wolf Timber, linen.


IMAGE 6 (above). Setting the scene: Sebastian Plantation, linen.









IMAGE 7 (above). Settng the scene: Curtain Sebastian Plantation, linen; Bespoke Pill Stool Isabella Marble, woven paisley; Hacking Jacket by Katherine Hooker Huckleberry Firefly, wool.




IMAGE 8 (above). Setting the scene: Blanket The Boucle Cashmere Blanket Grey, lined in Feather Cashmere, Falcon.



IMAGE 9 (above). Setting the scene: Bespoke Napkin Weathered Web Camel, linen and Table Cloth Sebastian Capuccino, linen.



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