A Fine Romance; de Le Cuona's love affair with soft furnishings and finishing touches

A Fine Romance; de Le Cuona's love affair with soft furnishings and finishing touches

It takes a great deal of time and effort to make a space loved and liveable. But nothing makes a house a home like the finishing touches.
Soft furnishings bring comfort and the presence of beautiful cushions can complete a scheme. If carefully chosen, cushions can pull together all the elements of a room.

Texture, pattern and colour create character, intrigue and interest. Cushions can dress up a neutral palette or tone down a bright room. They can complement your curtains or contrast with your rug. Arrange in different sizes or add a singular statement cushion for originality. de Le Cuona offers a wide variety of cushions from luxurious cashmere and sumptuous silk velvet to showstopping metal embroidered dragon cushions - the options are endless.

Maurizio Pellizzoni, one of the most established interior designers in the UK, expresses his admiration for de Le Cuona accessories; “Soft furnishings, particularlycushions, in any size and shape are important for finishing details for any interior scheme. From minimalist room designs to classically styled interiors, it's important to choose the right cushions to complement the overall look. de Le Cuona’s collection of cushions are perfect as you can find something plain and simple or something with texture and detail like the Buckle fusion. This is one of my favourite pieces - so simple in style yet so elegant, it brings a beautiful finishing touch to most of my interior design schemes!”

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Image to the right: From Maurizio Pellizzoni's 'American Dream' project, featuring de Le Cuona Maroc Buckle Cushion & Cashmere Cable Knit Throw.