Blissful Blues Edit

Blissful Blues Edit

Capturing the very essence of relaxation, calm, and comfort, this colour palette resonates with the soothing embrace of nature's touch. Like the calm waters stretching beneath the summer sun and the hues of early dawn, a tapestry of blue unfolds.

“Blue, a whisper of infinity captured in colour; it holds the depth of oceans, the vastness of skies, and the serenity of a tranquil heart.” Bernie de Le Cuona

Combining the textures of soft velvets and raw linens with flowing sheers, this fabric edit embodies simplicity and serenity. From Shepherd's Cloth's deep midnight blue and Pure 3's calming natural hues to Warrior Cloth's textured charm - each fabric tells a story of tranquillity.

For beautiful curtaining, explore Pencil Sketch's subtle and finely woven demask pattern that exudes sophistication. For a sheer with a twist, discover Cascade in Tide, a fine boucle linen with an open-weave design, that creates waves of horizontal indigo ripples diffusing the light through a window with a subtle luminosity.

With 27 blissful blues to unearth, this edit explores powder blues to moody blues, perfect for curtaining and upholstery projects.