de Le Cuona participates in Global Recycling Day 2019

de Le Cuona participates in Global Recycling Day 2019

de Le Cuona is a pioneer of sustainable luxury in interior textiles, knowing the origins of all its raw materials from sourcing the finest natural fibres for fabrics right through to designing stylish recycled packaging.

Global Recycling Day is here, and we are proud to announce our participation in the worldwide initiative to reduce our carbon footprint. Global Recycling Day was created to celebrate the importance that recycling plays in preserving primary resources (water, air, coal, oil, natural gas and minerals).

Sustainability is now a core part of our brand identity. With the opening of our new Pimlico Road store in November last year, the majority of materials used in the development of this store are made from recycled materials.

The packaging for our handmade accessories has been developed with sustainability in mind. Beautiful boxes are made from 100% recycled tactile paper in subtle, neutral shades. Even the pencils used in store and in our offices are made from recycled CD cases, in the signature de Le Cuona earthy brown shade.
Our new sample recycling scheme is also a small solution to a wider problem. A WRAP study into the composition and re-use potential of household bulky textiles found that of all bulky waste in the UK, around 19% (310,000 tonnes) consists of textiles. In an attempt to cut down our textile waste, clients are now encouraged to recycle their unused and unwanted samples, 
either by dropping them off at our Pimlico Road Store, or posting them back to our UK warehouse.

As landfills contribute a large amount to greenhouse gases and global warming, recycling is a small step in the right direction, helping us to reduce pollution. de Le Cuona encourages everyone to do their part in preserving the earth for future generations.

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