de Le Cuona welcomes Wool Week with its wide range of wool fabrics.

de Le Cuona welcomes Wool Week with its wide range of wool fabrics.

As it gets colder outside and the nights creep in, we retreat indoors and bring warmth and texture into our homes.

The Campaign for Wool and Wool Week launched in 2010 with the original aim to promote the natural qualities of wool, above other man made and environmentally hazardous fabrics. As a renewable fibre source, the benefits to wool are incredible. Not only is it a natural insulator, whereby it reacts to changes in body temperature by helping you stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot, but it is also wrinkle resistant. This makes our Russian Winter fabric a beautiful choice for wrapping up your home with winter accessories. As a luxuriant, fur-like fabric, it evokes romantic Russian Winters. 

Being a specialist linen fabric house, the majority of our wools are wool/linen blends. Berlin and Rogue effortlessly combine natural linen with chunky wool to create weighty fluid weaves as does our new Spitfire fabric that is at home in a traditional flying club or country house as a contemporary city apartment.
All our heavy-duty upholstery fabrics make perfect winter warmers.
Medium weight and lighter wool and linen blends create layers of cosiness in your interiors. Opt for sheer curtains in Pencil Sketch, a 100% fine wool sheer with a hint of pattern and colour. It is woven on a jacquard loom to depict a damask pattern design born from the reinterpretation of an ancient Italian lampas.

Bring vibrancy into your room with our Dragonfly paisley that is wild with drama and alive with a kaleidoscope of colour. This exquisite large-scale paisley is hand crafted from the finest wool and cotton yarns and is fully reversible.
The benefits of wool are extensive. Choosing a wool/linen blend for your home brings with it a whole range of advantages. A biodegradable fibre 

that is naturally safe and not known to cause any allergies, wool is not only kind to the skin, but a great fabric option for sustainable interiors.

View de Le Cuona’s range of neutral and colourful wool options here.