New Neutrals Edit

New Neutrals Edit

Everyone has a sense of colour that is their own and for Bernie de Le Cuona it is a palette rooted in nature 

Gently shifting from the sombre cool greys the interiors industry has been using for so many years now, Bernie has developed a warmer palette that she describes as the New Neutrals. Imagine rich ochre and burnt umber and dipping into soft golds that imbue rooms with a burnished luminescence.  In de Le Cuona’s world, colours can be as descriptive as words. 

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“Wherever we live we feel a deep connection to nature. This colour palette evokes the warm golden tones and rich colours of the sun-drenched planes of my beloved Africa. A palette of neutrals with the optimistic glow of halcyon days.”

Bernie de Le Cuona

Colour is also about texture and finishes. Overland fabrics combine inventive cloth structures in flax, wool, and cashmere. Dahna resembles the moving sands of the Ad-Dahna in colours of Windstorm, Oasis, Desert Rose, Sand Dune, and Scorched Earth.  The New Neutral palette is luxurious and balanced with rich accents. Cashmere Velvet enters the sumptuous realm of jewel tones with Topaz, Fire Opal, Ruby, Quartz, Onyx, and Amethyst. 

Nurturing malty neutrals sit alongside hot shots of terra rossa in the Tera Firma collection. Forage Cloth is a linen and wool in soft earthy pigments. Merino Velvet includes saturated hues inspired by the abundance of the natural world including autumn Maple and ripe Damson.  

Exploring the New Neutrals gives us a glimpse into Bernie de Le Cuona’s accomplished colour vision.  

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