Nic Webb at de Le Cuona

Nic Webb at de Le Cuona

de Le Cuona is opening the doors of its flagship showroom, at 44 Pimlico Road, London, to host a pop-up exhibition of sculptures by Nic Webb. Nic’s work is at the forefront of British craft and collected worldwide. He carves, scorches, burns, soaks and stains different species of fallen wood to create pieces that explore the natural drama of the material.  The artist plays with graceful curves and rugged forms, contrasting natural grain with highly polished smooth exteriors. Webb’s spontaneous response to the individual character of the wood and its imperfections showcase the beauty of the handmade.
Webb also explores naturally occurring shapes and forms in ceramic, creating a dialogue between materials and highlighting the importance of our relationship with the natural world. 

 "Using a combination of traditional skills and less conventional, experimental processes, my work explores the values and narratives of contemporary craft. This approach feels balanced. A metaphor for how we might live. We are free to take from and interact within the larger world, but we should do so with care and a recognition that some things are best left alone. That said, Humanity is not above nature and nor is it an imposter within it. We belong here. We are part of it.”  

Visit the showroom between 9th May and 14th May to see Nic’s extraordinary pieces. All pieces are available to purchase. Visit the showroom, call +44 (0)1753 830 301 or email to make an enquiry.


TITLE: 'Rift', 2021
MATERIAL: Mistletoe burr in Lime collected from the Hauser &Wirth Estate – Stoneware with organic inclusion and wood ash glaze
DIMENSIONS: W 600 x H 460 x D500 mm

PRICE, INC VAT: £6,240

TITLE: 'Hollow', 2020
DIMENSIONS: W 480 x H 570 x D 460 mm

PRICE, INC VAT: £6,960

TITLE: 'Polder', 2020
MATERIAL: Elm, Oak, Ceramic
DIMENSIONS: 172 - 50 - 70cm

PRICE, INC VAT: £15,120

TITLE'Group of two', 2019
MATERIAL: Elm with stoneware base
DIMENSIONS: Large 72-26 cm, Small 68-30 cm

PRICE, INC VAT: £5,760, Small £4,560

TITLE: 'Foreign Vessel', 2022
DIMENSIONS: 80cm - 48cm - 30cm
PRICE, INC VAT: £6,960