Pure Organic Linen - The Ultimate In Sustainable Luxury

Pure Organic Linen - The Ultimate In Sustainable Luxury

In ancient times linen was referred to as ‘woven moonlight’ due to its singular beauty. There’s something quite magical about this natural cloth that de Le Cuona captures so beautifully in its collections.

Bernie de Le Cuona reflects on her passion for linen, the natural environment, and how her sustainability journey began. She says: “I discovered the beauty of linen in my twenties. I was intrigued by the variety of textures, and the way each piece felt and took colour differently. I just knew it was special. Its versatility and unique natural qualities inspired me to set up the business. It is a love affair that has endured and one that is now more relevant than ever.”

The textile industry is one of the largest in the world and has an enormous impact on the planet. Bernie has long championed the use of natural fibres, particularly linen, and sustainable production practices. Exploring how to create exquisite fabrics using only the finest yarns using innovative techniques and responsible producers was Bernie’s first goal and remains so today.

Inspired by Nature, Conserving Nature

“Our collections are always inspired by nature. I have early memories of the raw natural beauty of South Africa where I was born and that has informed my use of textures and my palette. These colours are strong but bleached and often delicate. There are so very many shades of sand and skies, sunsets, and sunrises and none of those colours can be found in a Pantone chart. These colours live and change like landscapes. They are not harsh, but natural and timeless.

I am a true believer in biophilic design and that we are happier and more grounded when surrounded by natural materials. Wherever we live, we feel a deep connection to the natural world and materials. I therefore always use natural fibres as much as possible.

" Linen was where my journey with fabrics began. Its naturally sustainable qualities and my desire to create products that bring the health and wellbeing properties of nature into the home, make it a yarn I always return to when designing my collections.” - Bernie

Introducing 100% Pure Organic Linen

In 2020 Bernie took her vision for linen to the next level launching Pure, the world’s first luxury 100% GOTS certified organic linen collection of interior fabrics. The Global Organic Textile Standard is the highest accreditation an organic fabric can have.

All Pure fabrics use only the finest natural organic fibres, sourced from the best European mills. Bernie explains, “It’s s a huge undertaking tracking down not only GOTS-certified mills, flax farmers, dyers and weavers for the fabrics, but changing the packaging and warehousing too. Having found the right partners, we had to make sure the quality was the best it could be. This is what our customers expect from us.” The result is a linen collection that is totally pure, untouched by any chemical, and yet the fabrics are so sophisticated, each with de Le Cuona’s signature tactility and beauty while being practical and useable.

Pure can dress a whole interior from sheers and curtains to hardwearing upholstery. It is particularly relevant for bedrooms, living spaces, and areas of relaxation where we spend more time surrounded by textiles.

What’s different about GOTS fabrics

  • The Flax is sourced from organic farms
  • The fibre is woven and spun in chemical free environments by sustainable mills
  • All producers throughout the supply chain are held to the highest standards of welfare
  • No harmful chemicals or pesticides are used in the production and non are emitted into the air we breathe in our interiors with Pure linens

From Field to Fabric

As well as being a beautiful, gentle yet robust fabric, linen is also one of the most sustainable fibres. It is grown using rainwater rather than irrigation and organic flax is cultivated using no pesticides.

It takes 100 days to grow flax from seed to harvest. All Pure organic flax is grown on farms in Flanders, France where the climate is perfect for cultivating very tall plants. This means the fibres are less knotty, the yarns smoother, and the quality of the linen higher.

The flax is pulled from the soil not reaped and after harvesting, the flax is ‘retted’ to separate the fibres from the woody stem. It is then ‘scutched’, which involves crushing the fibres between rollers to remove the woody parts. Finally, the raw fibre is drawn through a series of metal combs to create long light fibres ready for spinning into beautiful linen yarns.

Linen spinning is a living art form. Bernie always insists on using the best mills as she believes you can only produce an exquisite fabric if the yarn you use is the best it can be. Once spun the yarn is then woven into the raw cloth. Working closing with a select few mills in Europe, Bernie is always exploring new techniques and finishes to create fabrics that are unique and utterly beautiful.

From the farmers, spinners, and weavers, all producers along the organic textile supply chain must pass the rigorous GOTS testing.

Sustainable Luxury

Linen accounts for less than 1% of global textile production and Organic linen accounts for only 1% of this, so it is a very rare fibre. Meanwhile, demand for Organic Linen is increasing. This puts real pressure on this highly artisan supply chain which can sometimes be reflected in the cost of these fabrics. Organic linen represents the ultimate in sustainable luxury. By investing in Pure Organic linen, you can enjoy the many benefits of linen while knowing that you are supporting a community at the forefront of sustainability.

“I am incredibly proud to have launched Pure I, and now a second collection, Pure II, as well as a range of Pure Organic Bedding. We’re not stopping there. Look out for more Pure Organic Collections in 2022.”

It is not surprising that Bernie de Le Cuona is named on The Walpole Power List as an inspirational individual who excels as a leader of innovation and sustainability in their sector. 

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