Explore the exquisite new accessory collection, a celebration of sartorial elegance where beautiful cushions with couture detailing sit alongside a sublimely soft Cashmere throw with whispers of Paisley. Drawing inspiration from contemporary luxury tailoring the summer 2023 accessories exude a sense of refined sophistication.

This ensemble, consisting of a luxurious throw and seven cushions, is meticulously created using a fusion of de Le Cuona's innovative textiles and enduring classics. Each piece pays quiet homage to the everlasting charm of stripes, featuring intricate handcrafted details such as delicate drawn thread work, rows of petite, covered buttons, quilting, and fringing. These subtle linear design elements showcase the mastery of the artisans who carefully crafted each item, by hand in England.

The distinctive essence of de Le Cuona is evident in the balanced blend of rawness and refinement, resulting in an eclectic aesthetic that ranges from gentle sophistication to bold modernity. Carefully selected colours harmoniously complement the full fabric and accessory collection, whilst each creation is a timeless treasure, crafted with love and designed to withstand the test of time. 


These limited edition pieces combine an ultra-fine, tonal grand paisley in cashmere, on the face, with super soft virgin wool on the reverse. A marriage that creates a sublimely soft, enveloping feel. Handcrafted in an exclusive London atelier and featuring an elegant border detail they embody timeless beauty and impeccable craftsmanship.



A celebration of our iconic Vintage linen. Delight in the exquisite chalk-painted surface, reminiscent of sculptural ceramic artistry, and the linear quilted detailing inspired by the intricate corsetry details found in 19th-century linen craftsmanship. 

Immerse yourself in a world of opulence crafted from the finest silk, wool, and linen. Enveloped in soft shades of blue and pink, with delicate hints of shimmer and subtle soft patterns. Each piece embodies a sense of understated elegance. 

Indulge in the sheer luxury of an iconic de Le Cuona archive cushion design. Crafted from 100% superfine merino wool, it combines elegant comfort with meticulous design. Self-covered buttons featuring rouleaux loop detailing provide a functional closure inspired by couture tailoring.

Textured yet soft, this timeless rectangular cushion is crafted in the de Le Cuona’s Limestone fabric and is finished with a handmade fringe detail. A truly versatile piece that could adorn any decor scheme, classic or contemporary, elegant, or relaxed.

A handsome, large cushion crafted from the fabric Bison, a robust, yet soft 100% linen with a ribbed texture. This classic piece showcases layered, ombre fringing that adds a touch of raw artistry to the design. 


Cave Cloth Cushion with Vertical Detail

This generous oblong cushion is a harmonious blend of tailored, contemporary design elements and the rustic charm of Cave Cloth, a slubby 100% linen. Available in two captivating colourways, Rope offers a subtly nuanced panel detail, whilst Storm delivers a more vivid and striking effect.  

A charming rectangular linen cushion, it is a fusion of de Le Cuona’s beloved Chukka stonewashed linen, and an inset panel featuring the archive design Hunter stripe. This delightful design is finished with a handmade two-tone frayed fringe.