Bernie de Le Cuona invited Matthew Ball, principal dancer at The Royal Ballet in London to continue express the beauty of the fabrics through dance, captured in a series of still and moving images for her new Overland collection, art directed by Damian Foxe.

Bernie embarks on a fabric journey that tracks the connections she’s made with nature, people and places along the way. de Le Cuona’s epic Overland collection enlivens these experiences in ten designs over fifty colour stories crafted using inventive techniques into the finest flax, wool and cashmere that span heavy and light weights, pattern and raw textures, bold and new neutral colours.


 See the full film below


Overland lets creativity flow and imagination travel beyond traditional horizons. Fabrics off the beaten track are imbued with soul and a personal touch. Each of these fabrics and every colour was inspired by Bernie’s own memories and experiences that she hopes will resonate with others.  

‘It is my favourite collection in terms of the new neutral palette and the craft that has gone into creating the structures of the cloths.’ - Bernie de Le Cuona.